The Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Order of Magdalenes exist to honor the traditions of the Early Church. According to these traditions, St. Mary Magdalene was a wealthy, notorious woman from whom Christ expelled seven demons. During the three years of Jesus' ministry she supported Him and His other disciples with her wealth. When almost everyone else fled in fear, Mary Magdalene stayed with Our Lord at the Cross. He rewarded her love and devotion by choosing her to be the first to bear witness to His resurrection on that first Easter morning. Known by ancient tradition as the "Apostle to the Apostles", she traveled throughout the Mediterranean to preach the Good News that Christ told the disciples to spread throughout the world. She bears witness to the important role that women played in the Early Church and which they continue to play in those churches that honor the traditions of the faith.
We are a religious order of the independent, traditional Catholic Apostolic Church (Diocese of Texas) and not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.
Located in the metropolitan area of San Antonio, Texas, the Magdalene Sisters welcome visitors to their private chapel and to monthly retreats.